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Build better structured databases with Golang Gorm

GORM is a great ORM library for Go developers. with incredible feature lists and speed, it is considered the standard GO ORM.

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Apart from being an excellent ORM for Go developers, its built to be developer-friendly and easy to comprehend. Gorm is built on top of the database/sql packages.

overview and features of the ORM are:

  • Developer Friendly
  • Every feature comes with a tests
  • Hooks / Callbacks (Before/After Create/Save/Update/Delete/Find)
  • Eager loading with Preload, Joins Context, Prepared Statement Mode, DryRun Mode SQL Builder, Upsert, Locking, Optimizer/Index/Comment Hints, Named Argument, SubQuery
  • Transactions, Nested Transactions, Save Point, Rollback To to Saved Point
  • Associations (Has One, Has Many, Belongs To, Many To Many, Polymorphism)
  • SQL Builder
  • Logger

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