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I think you can start by taking the free courses on and then take a deep dive into the Rails Guides while tackling a real world project (or at least one that you would use yourself). That way you get to hit some hiccups, search for solutions and trust me you will not forget that way.


Given that release 6 have just been released,

The most important is knowing and understading ruby code because ruby is different from other language Rails is just a dsl on top of ruby so I would reccomend learning ruby most and foremost


There are a few good resources out there:

  1. As already mentioned, Michael Hartl's rails book is very useful
  2. Gorails has a lot of useful tutorials.
  3. Webcrunch also provides lots of guides on how to build full websites with rails.

I teach Ruby on Rails by providing a mix of free online resources, mentoring, and troubleshooting at least an hour every week remotely, holding you accountable and making sure you're headed in the right direction. I charge $45/hr. If you want to learn more, email me at

I'm a self taught Ruby on Rails developer that's been through Techstar's as the sole engineer for a startup, and lead the engineering team on a Shark Tank start-up as well.


Michael Hartl's Rails tutorial is good and free online!

I am a big fan of as well!


I never knew Michael Hartl's Rails tutorial is free there is a huge banner there saying you can buy the whole course for $29


Yup! I actually own a physical copy of the book, but you can read the whole thing online! 👍

It's the best and the most efficient start. It covers all basic topics including TDD.


I learned using It’s a fantastic book where you start out by walking through building a real app then get into some particulars.


Try the top rated courses on Udemy! For $10-20, it's a pretty great deal, especially if you already have fundamentals. I learn much better with video, so it works really well for me.


Hi Saurabh,

I will recommended you go to with Pageant Technologies... They will teach you free of cost ruby & Rails


You can consider learning rails in

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