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Retrieving Files with the 'fetch' API

Javascript's Fetch API is usually used to get data from an API. But it can also be used to retrieve files!

Fetch a .txt file

The Response object that is returned from 'fetch', has a few methods that let you retrieve the data returned from the request

  • .json(): returns json
  • .text(): returns a string of all the text in the response

We use the .text() method to get a string of the text from a file.

.then(response => response.text()) 
.then(textString => {
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The process is identical if we wanted to retrieve a .csv file and do something with the data that's in the file. But we have some extra code to break up the file into rows.

.then(response => response.text()) 
.then(csvString => {
    //Split the csv into rows
    const rows = csvString.split('\n');
    for (row of rows) {
    //Split the row into each of the comma separated values
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Look at this GitHub repo for example code:

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