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Stop Nitpicking: Simplifying Code Reviews for Greater Impact

Stop nitpicking in code reviews because its bad for reviewer as well for reviewee.
What is nitpicking ?. it is focusing on minor issue in code rather than addressing more significant concerns.

Common examples of nitpicking.

  • Pointing out issues with spacing, code alignment and indentation.
  • Pointing out variable names that could use appropriate word.
  • Asking to simplify condition or minor logic simplification.
  • Flagging issues related to use the extra white space and line breaks.

Thorough code reviews are necessary but extra nitpicking can be ineffective. It may frustrate the developer whose code being reviewed and it can divert attention and could introduce more critical issues in codebase e.g Logic errors, security vulnerabilities, or architectural concerns.

Code reviews should be balance between addressing important issues that impact codebase quality and providing constructive feedback on minor details.

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