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Which is the best code editor for Python and C++ ???

Deepanshu Udhwani
・1 min read

1.VS Code
2.Sublime Text Editor
4.Any other.....

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Charles Lima • Edited

Hello! I already used these 3 options. Actually i'm using VS Code because it has a lot of customizations and extensions. Someone can say "Sublime is capable to do it also" , but imo VS Code is a lot easier and you can do the same things quickly. I recomend you to testing for yourself and see the pros and cons before to make you decision! GL!

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Horváth Donát • Edited

Is it important to be able to edit Python and C++ in the same editor? If not then I would recommend Clion for C++ and PyCharm for Python. Both IDE published by Jetbrains and they are free to use if you are a student (and PyCharm has a Community Edition which is free for everyone). They are pretty great tools.

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Lucca Prado

I would go to Pycharm the idea of a more professional tool is really nice and all products made by JetBrains are excelent

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Sven Assmann

and you get a decent debugger there, which saves a lot of time when digging into problems.

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Mahidhar Kakumani

I suggest you for practicing
Jupyter Notebook
For project VS Code

Only for python

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Sven Assmann

For c++ and rust I use Clion from jet brains, mostly because the debugger that works so nicely.

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Deepanshu Udhwani Author

Please help in finding the best one