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iOS Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you want to save time typing the same phrases again and again? Yes!

Especially on your phones where you have a cluttered keyboard and for the ones who are used to desktops typing on phones can be really really cumbersome.

Here’s a saver for you. There are many apps which can create shortcuts for you. But the one which comes by default in iOS: ‘ Text Replacement ‘.

Where to find this and how do I set the shortcuts:

  1. Go to Settings app
  2. General → Keyboard → Text Replacement
  3. Go to top right corner and tap on the + icon to create new shortcuts.
  4. Add the phrase and shortcut text you can remember
  5. Use this in anywhere in the device wherever you can type

I use this while replying on linkedin with “Thanks for the opportunity. I am not looking for a change…” I use “ lnkdthnks ” as shortcut. A real time saver!!

Another place I use this is when my friend, Gourav, asks me to keep reminding him about creating videos etc., For the text “Gourav when is the video coming out?” I have added the shortcut ‘ galert ‘. Timesaver, right?

Hope this helped!

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