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10 Rules (part 1) for Success in anything

itscoderslife profile image Coder Originally published at on ・1 min read

Came across this video and when I analysed my day I do most of the stuff but also miss out on the key stuff. So thought of penning it down in a blog.

-= TIM FERRISS’S 10 RULES =- (as I understood)

  1. Ask great questions – questions which actually makes an impact and whose answers really of some value
  2. Start small – anything you start, do it with baby steps but be consistent
  3. Be focused – dont get distracted
  4. Unplug and reset – re-evaluate every now and then
  5. Accept the collateral damage – (not sure exactly what damage – may be Sacrifices)
  6. Try the Five Minute Journal method – make this either a morning or evening routine
  7. Schedule your time – limit your time for social media, mails, everything necessary
  8. Get feedback – start and get your stuff into hands of few people first for feedback
  9. Simplify – anything in life must be done in the simplest possible way
  10. Do AcroYoga – I would say start with basic yoga make it a routine and then advanced

-= BONUS =-

i. View problems as opportunities – take up, face it and deliver

ii. Find your diehard fans – true admirers, well wishers, fans give back

iii. Create space for creativity – allot some time for your creative brain.

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