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Christina Pacheco
Christina Pacheco

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I had my first FAANG interview today...

Never in a million years did I think I would land an interview at a FAANG company. As an Indigenous women from a rural town navigating the tech space, I do not know of a single soul who looks like me or talks like me working at a FAANG company, so the thought of applying never crossed my mind...ever. Honestly, it took for me being laid off and jobless to actually hit the submit button BUT I totally forgot about my girl imposter syndrome. Let's just say she isn't the nicest.

After applying, I rarely checked my application status because I knew it wasn't going to change. I knew that there was no way they were going to choose me. I knew that there were others who were more qualified, more educated and more connected than me. I stand no chance. Zip. Zero. Nada.

I think what influenced by decision to play it safe in my career was because I knew that the lack of cultural disconnect and sense of belonging would play on my psychological health. Making it difficult to be apart of something and do my work.

I also recognized the inequalities in STEM with its Eurocentric, exclusionary ideologies that can create an "imposter phenomenon" among POC.

I acknowledged the fact that I very well could be the only Indigenous person in the room. And that I didn't like.

I didn't want it.

However, that all changed when I received not one, but two interviews from companies who served as an afterthought, not because I saw myself as better than but less than. You may say "interviews from those companies don't define you" or "you're so much better than those companies", but for me it did. And that is okay because I am now the person who has the potential to be a person that Indigenous women from a rural town that others may relate to.

My purpose is to not just work in the industry and collect a pay check, it is to be an example, a leader, and a voice to others who probably will never hit that submit button.

fingers crossed I make it y'all

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