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  1. Improve upon a dataset (I already have a repo in mind -- ends up their master list is an xlsx and then it's split out using R, though, so I need to get on a real computer ((not Chromebook with gitpod)) to update the xlsx and generate the other files).
  2. Update test coverage in a repo
  3. While I know it's not considered good faith to do a Hacktoberfest against your own repos, I do kinda need to rewrite my SAS project in R. Which would allow me to get better at R and make the project more useful to anyone who stumbles upon it in open-source land since SAS is paid software.
  4. I'll come up with it later :P I'm thinking of trying to look back at any issues I've logged in repos and see if I can fix them myself.

Those are good goals! I'm sure you'll make the four easily!

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