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1Password (the standalone license not the SaaS model)

The password vault is just a file, so either you can move it to other devices yourself or use something like Dropbox if you want your passwords to update automatically across devices.

I like that it's not another server that can get exposed like LastPass (I already have crap on Dropbox so whatever) and that it wasn't a subscription service. You have to hunt to find the page to buy a license, but it's still doable. It's also cross-platform so I have it on my Mac, PC, and Android devices (phone, Chromebook).


They're pretty much all cross-platform. A password manager wouldn't be much use if you couldn't use it anywhere else.
I think, out of all the big name password managers, 1Password is the only one that explicitly started as a single-platform product, so everything else is an after-thought. I don't know if that makes it better or worse, though.

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