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re: Thanks for your input. Out of interest, what would entice you to visit the original source? If I were to still cross post the entire contents, wit...

Consistent credit would be the best bet. If I notice your banner often, I'll remember that I like your stuff, follow on dev.to, and then move to checking out your site.

Email is hit or miss, mainly because I'm not apt to sign up for yet another thing. Following on this platform would get me the same notifications but with me having to opt to check them when I want to rather than being told to view it immediately (this is also why I miss RSS feeds being popular -- but that also wouldn't help your click-through problem, since I liked getting full text in one spot).

Innately, I may just not be the type of reader that clicks through, but you'll never get 100% conversation regardless of the method used, so probably don't worry about the difficult ones.

Thank you, I appreciate the honest feedback 👍

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