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On the other, they can be very unprofessional

Heh, like the one that keeps commenting on hot girls on Linkedin. My home feed is a lot of Playboy Playmates and HR recruiting photos where this dude is hitting on the women in the photos. My coworker who also is connected with this dude on Linkedin and doesn't have this problem, so what the hell Linkedin algorithms... He did have a decent lead and seemed to remember me as a person to give good recs, but he is a total ghost when I'm not useful to his jobs.

I rather not deal with Playboy bunny dude and keep control of my candidacy myself, but I'm also not job hunting so I can be picky. Hopefully, someone with more experience dealing with recruiters can help :) (Internal recruiters are a different beast -- they're more HR and just drunk post on LinkedIn at 1am) ((maybe I should start declining Linkedin connections))


Your LinkedIn experience sounds very different than mine!

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