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Don't rate your skills in ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Yes! This always irks me, especially if someone ranks themselves at like a full 5 stars / 100%. There's no way you're done learning that language/tech. The founder of the language likely doesn't know all the nuances as it has evolved over time. And if someone junior isn't putting like 10% then I think they're overinflating their experience levels if all they have otherwise is schoolwork.

Meanwhile, my coworker adores it.

But I think that's mainly because most resumes use a chart of words with no scale or context, so he likes knowing what's their top things. I really like your suggestion of writing the context as a way to bridge my dislike of self-rating and his dislike of just writing skills with no rating.

The job search process is very subjective like that :\

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