re: Slid on ice, body-slammed my new Macbook Air. What should I check for? VIEW POST

re: Yikes, glad to hear you're okay. I remember I dented a MacBook Air rental from my college library because I had my headphones plugged in and walked...

I just want to second this. iFixIt and a solid screwdriver will get you into anything but the most recent Macbook lines.

iFixIt claims it's a "Medium" difficulty job, but the only hard part would be fighting with getting out that screw at the dent. Pentalobe screwdriver is worth buying to keep servicing macs yourself, too, since that era macbook had its own screw type. Good luck!


Yeah, not sure why they said "Medium." 🤔

Maybe it's a lot of screws to not lose haha

That feel when you tear down your computer, put it back together, and have a dozen screws left over.

It's better. It's lighter, sleeker, faster... mainly about 3g of metal lighter.

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