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Since this thread is a week old, I'll just add a little tidbit:

In my large company, they're 100% Angular. Mainly because a central body has to approve all tech stacks and it's easier to start a project if you use the blessed one (Springboot, Angular, MySQL).

However, I'm thinking the central unit is going to change their stance on Angular soon. We have many projects on 1.5 still, and projects last year that were allowed to start on 4 aren't particularly allowed to update every year. I don't see ulta huge company continuing to buy into a stack that has frequent major version updates. They hem and haw at projects jumping from 6 to 7 even though the breaking changes were minimal. In the move fast and break things world of JS frameworks, I could totally see my place bailing and going to Tymeleaf or .NET again.

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