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re: Without a doubt, the JIRA mindset is problematic. It puts people into little boxes, and that's really unfortunate because the people I know are dyn...

Understanding the "why" is the job of being a developer and any tool that discourages this should be put in the rubbish bin.

I think this is also a sticking point for areas that have high dev talent. I'm in Pittsburgh, so there are places looking for Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering graduates. They want the best students from the best schools, taught to engineer and architect a piece of software, just to put them in the little boxes mindset... Code monkey a little button and move on to the next button. That seems silly and a waste of that talent.

Jira does have a reference to the Epic on every story view, which I guess is to keep in mind how things fit into the larger picture, though I would prefer a better visualization of that. And a trust that the decisions made when implementing one issue aren't tossed aside by the people managing the Jira flow. "Why can't you just add a few more user roles? We're supposed to be agile." "Uh, the original requirement was we would have 2 roles. Not these mismatched middle roles. The entire thing needs gutted now." "You should have planned for this better." "wat, you never mentioned more roles. Ever."


You don't hire smart people and tell them what to do. You hire smart people so they can tell you what to do.

The industrial mindset from the 1800s just doesn't work with software development. If anything, it's a great way to force talent to become hyper frugal, retire early, and never return to your office again.

force talent to become hyper frugal, retire early,

me_irl if rent wasn't so high in the city because of Google

Though it does make me wonder if software in Pittsburgh is its own little bubble of industrialization due to the steel city roots and East Coast ideologies. I don't expect full Seattle / Silicon Valley, but I haven't worked in enough places to know if this is a city thing or a tech thing.

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