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  • an onsite gym or gym membership? No, but discounted membership to the LA Fitness nearby
  • cycle to work scheme where the subsidize the cost of the bike? I never considered to check with my employer before buying my bike, though they do have bike racks indoors.
  • health, life, travel insurance? Indeed
  • ergonomic workstations? They aren't opposed to you tricking out your own cubicle, but they won't reimburse you.
  • healthy snacks and lunches? No provided food


  • financial advice or planning sessions? Frequent retirement planning lunch-n-learns
  • social clubs and activities for teams? Yes, though aside from finding a public Slack channel, they aren't publicised. You need to know someone to get an in as to what is going on, like the beer swap, football, boxing club (first rule about fight club...), Nintendo Switch players, Pokemon Go players...
  • opportunities to work from home or flexitime? Yes, though official policy is strict but up to manager's interpretation
  • a day each year to give back to the community with a volunteer day? Not that I know of
  • access to counselling for you or your family? Almost aggressively so. It's through a third party and every lunch-n-learn has a slide at the end with info on how to contact them

Note I work in healthcare tech, so my employer benefits from me being healthy and not a drain on their insurance and hospitals.

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