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re: It's funny that you bring up the statistic regarding taking computer science in high school. I loved computers from a young age and taught myself h...

My issue was being in a small town. When your graduating class is < 100, there are no resources for having computer classes. The one we did was about office software (Word, PPT, Excel) not anything remotely programming. The guidance counselor would just say "You like math. Go to this girls in engineering camp. We can get you a scholarship, maybe" but wouldn't say even what that meant or what a job in ~engineering~ would look like. So I just went through math majors and accidentally ended up in tech on my own.


Hi Kayla! I'm glad you accidentally ended up in tech; but you're so right about how as younger girls, we just don't know what "engineering" is and much less that it's something that women can and should absolutely be involved in.

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