re: When things are back to normal, will you be working from home or in an office? VIEW POST


Officially, my company is looking to reduce real estate now and just have every engineer work remotely and "book" time online in a cubicle or office if working in office is needed.

I've always wanted to work remotely so this change is great for me :) I'm more concerned since I've always wanted a remote-first firm and this is a distrust-wfh-to-suddenly-full-remote firm. Once the dust settles from recent layoffs, I'll feel far more comfortable if they actually have real expectations and plans around facilitating remote work.

Taking them at their word that we're going full remote, I bought a $1200 desk chair that I'm hyped about. Moved my desk space all around to work better with how I work. Overall just trying to get settled into work a lot more at home as this is looking to be the new normal at my company.

Things I hope to see a year from now: 1. way more companies going remote-first or at least remote-friendly. 2. hopefully I get an office stipend for electric costs raising

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