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What was your experience diving into a new technology?

itsarnavb profile image Arnav Bansal ・1 min read

I'm currently diving deep into Solid, a project that aims to return personal data control back to users. It reminds me of getting into webdev, in that there are so many different things to learn. But the big difference: webdev was well documented when I got into it.

With Solid, I can't expect to find everything I need in documentation or on Stack Overflow. Understanding things often requires looking at the code, or trial and error. It's pretty refreshing that way.

So, if you have similar experiences getting into new tech, I'd love to hear about it.

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Adrian B.G.

Sometimes I am an early adopter and I get myself playing around with unfinished technologies, some random examples

  • websocket draft 10 and HTML5 Canvas when IE9 was new
  • Sphero (the ball) nodeJS API
  • sone Unity3D beta SKDs

The experience was pretty rough, involving a lot of try&catch, but when you have access to the source code is a lot better, considering is written at a OK quality. Nevertheless it was fun.

The opposite effect I had when I adopted a more mature and popular tech like Go and React (in 2017-2018) , everything I needed were in their docs.