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5 gamified learning experiences to learn Web Dev

Does learning have to be boring, not in my opinion. I'm sure you also agree that you learn better if you have fun. Here's a list of 5 gamified experiences that will help you learn web development.

  • Flexbox froggy. Learn to navigate a frog by and learn about Flexbox at the same time.
  • Minecraft Education You have code window that helps you affect the world in Minecraft, who doesn't want to build things faster? Blocks, JavaScript as well as Python available.
  • CodeCombat Imagine using code to take yourself through dungeons. This might look like it's made for 10 year olds but I had a ton of fun :)
  • Twilio Quest This is seriously good. Travelling the Universe while learning JavaScript, Python and Twilio API, sounds pretty good to me.
  • MakeCode arcade - skillmaps You learn to build various games while being introduced to coding. You may start with blocks, but you will be able to advance to JavaScript or Python prettty quickly.

There are a ton of these gamified platforms so I would love to hear your favourite in the comments and why :)

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