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What are your programming blogs?

Hi. I need programming blogs to read. So, what are your programming blogs? You can also suggest blogs that are not yours.

Programming languages and technologies don't matter.

This is my blog sometimes I write in English.

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Fred Ross

If you don't mind the programming content being mixed in with a lot of other very random things ranging from how sciences work to a screed about bioinformatics, I can point you to mine:

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Arek Nawo • Edited

I've got 2 recommendations:

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Itachi Uchiha

I really like your personal blog. I wish to have that theme for WordPress :)

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Arek Nawo

Thanks. I use Ghost. And the theme is self-made.

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João Vanzuita

this is mine

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Gijo Varghese
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Nikita Sobolev

I am at just a very beginning of building my own blog:

I write on good software, mediocre software, and bad software. Also rants about management and development processes.
I also cross-post my articles to

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Mohan Ram

Go with medium. You can follow some good publications like, Netanal basal, Angularindepth.

I would recommend it since its useful for you to narrow down what topics you like will roam around your home page of medium

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Ashfaque Mohammed

You have entire answer briefly in this link.

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Ted Hagos
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Ryan Palo

Oh awesome! Thanks so much for the kind feedback. I was definitely going for like a "math teacher on a chalkboard" or "taking notes in my college class notebook" type font. :)

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Ben Robertson

I write about front end development and accessibility over at :)

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Mpho Mphego

Check out my blog.

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Alex 👨🏼‍💻FullStack.Cafe

Mine is I scout the best Full Stack Interview Questions and Answers all across the Internet and share them with my readers! Alex.

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Brian Greig

I may be biased because I am a contributor for them but Codeburst has a ton of quality content.

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Tiffany White • Edited

I blog here.

Most of the comments here have listed my favorite blogs to read but freeCodeCamp's publication is by far and away my favorite.

Edit: 👍🏾 for Joel on Software. Lots of gems in there.

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Farooq Karimi Zadeh

Can you read persian, too?

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