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Ivan Smirnov
Ivan Smirnov

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One Handed Typing

A short while back I had a small sports accident and injured my left thumb quite badly, to the point that my left hand needs to be left alone to heal. As a software engineer, this presents a major challenge.

I decided to look into one handed typing layouts. Mechanical Keyboards have been making huge leaps and bounds with hardware and sofware design, and as a corollary folks have gotten VERY deep into ergonomic keyboard layout design and scientific optimization based on biomechanics.

After some initial research, I found two layouts optimized specifically for one handed typing:


Both of these remind me of ASETNIOP used by the Ginny, but that one is aiming to be a stenographic keyboard for two handed typists.

The community around Frogpad seemed a little less engaged, so I joined the Artsey.IO discord server and started diving into the layout. I picked up a Boardsource 3x4 macro pad and flashed Artsey.IOon it.

The training is slow, but it's better than not being able to type at all.

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