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Excel and Sheets. Is it time for a third alternative ?

My first memories of any number crunching software was Microsoft Excel. On a very slow Windows XP machine, Excel was the only spreadsheet program anybody needed and it was an overkill even then. The sheer number of features available on excel including the formulas and recently released plugins.

Anybody from Hedge Funds to Small Industries used excel to automate a good chunk of their work and proved to be one of the top selling software with the MS Office Suite.

Google Sheets was a more anew introduction with the Google Suite, which comes into adoption with the widespread usage of remote working and multiple people collaborating on similar projects. The fact that it's actually a web app that functions seamlessly shows the amount of work put into action.

Here comes the problem. Isn't it high time there's a complete redesign of our spreadsheet software and provide customers with a more user-friendly and data intense alternative ? There're some very fundamental tasks that could be converted into a user-friendly version in my opinion.

  • Basic Data inputs
  • Categorizing Data
  • Easy access to third party plugins
  • Ability to convert tables into diagrams and visual representations

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