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Update on eBay Auto Poster


The eBay Auto Poster has been in development for about 2 months now, entirely by me which is why it is slow-going and terribly coded :3

So far the program is able to pull data from the eBay API and respond with JSON data.

Image of the JSON Data for the Code

Here is a screenshot of the JSON Data being returned from a search

It's going along slowly, I need to finish formatting and JSON parsing stuff before I can then work on the automation.

Current Problem

I am trying to the the oAuth token to automatically be assigned within the headers so the API can auto-update. Right now I am just manually generating the token and pasting it into the API.

Auth Example

Authorization: "Bearer " + 'v^1.1#i^1#r^0#p^3#I^...

I need to figure out how to get Axios to pull the access token automatically and change the token whenever a new oAuth token is generated

Anyway, I may be a terribly slow coder but at least I am having fun while being stuck for hours on end and that's enough for me

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