Problems Focusing on one thing.

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Hey!! Folks, I'm new here. I'm having problems focusing on learning one thing to a deeper level. Example (1), I started python and Java about 3 - 4 months ago and then start to gravitate to learning other things eg HTML, CSS, javascript. This was not a bad choice because I got into web stuff and now use python and Django as a backend. Example (2) I also started creating an app with android and java was very hard to me but I pressed on and got the functionality I wanted. Recently I got interested in the game development tried Godot and settled with Unity and c# which was another language to learn again although it is very similar to Java which made learning less depressing. The main issue is I can't seem to stick with one thing I guess I'm trying things that I'm interested in an also trying to prepare myself to employable mainly remotely because my country doesn't have a lot of opportunities
for programming atm. any suggestions? Thanks!

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I know I had that problem. I was jumping from C++ and C#, whenever I accomplished a simple feature on a "project" I would scrap it and start anew.

That was until I started working on an open source project for a game I was playing needed by quite a few other players to improve their gaming experience. I had absolutely no idea about the language, what was OOP and everything in between, but I committed to it. And that was what made me stick with just one language for over an year.


Nice!!!!!!! that sounds like a plan, working on a big enough project that has your enthusiasm to the point where you stick with one or two languages depending on the project needs and become eloquent in it.