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How to Setup a Free MongoDB database on Railway

Since Heroku does not offer any more free plans dev are in search of better platform to host or use a free service for their application.

Railway is an awesome alternative If you are wondering about where can you use a cloud-based storage Database for your application using MongoDB.

You can use Railway for it.

Railway is a deployment platform where you can provision infrastructure, develop with that infrastructure locally, and then deploy to the cloud.

You can also host an entire application on Rail way. They do have a free generous plan covering

Max to 512 MB of RAM
Shared vCPU capacity
Up to 1 GB of Disk (Shared between plugins)

This would be enough for our starter projects but if you are planning more big please head to their pricing page.

Setup a Free MongoDB cloud instance

Head to Railway's dashboard in your browser. You can start from scratch or with a starter template or without entering your credit card information.

Image description

Access your database credentials

Below you are presented with the connection string you can use to connect your application.

Image description

You can click on your project and then click the Connect tab to show your database URL.

It was this easy indeed!


If you want to learn more about Railway you can get into their documentation here to get started for your deployment.

Railway aims to be the simplest way to develop, deploy, and diagnose issues with your application. They also offer lot of starter templates so that you can fire off any project just few clicks away.

Railway has excellent examples of starter templates for various app builds, including Next.js and Prisma, Node, Blitz.js, Deno, Hasura, Flask, Express, and more.

You can find it here.

Thank you!

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