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A guide for technical writers on JavaScript Testing Libraries

Although I would have liked to choose a different topic, but the importance of developing test suites cannot be overstated. After all, the idea behind writing test cases is to ensure that your application's different features and parts are performing as expected and to confirm that the application satisfies all related standards and customer requirements.

Quality is not an act, it is a habit. -Aristotle

However, when the necessary guide isn't clearly stated or presented, testing JavaScript applications can be hard to understand and hit developers in the head on a number of different levels. They end up jumping from article to article, wasting time that could be used for other tasks. When creating a technical guide, you must take into account that it will be read by thousands of readers with varying levels of expertise, some of whom will be able to tell you when you bootstrap and others who will probably need you to point it out.

Here are a couple of test libraries you should probably write about:

For developers looking to learn any of the aforementioned technologies, it is thought appropriate for top-notch articles to be provided on them because they are the best at writing tests.

Your content should cover areas such as:

  • What is a JavaScript testing framework?

  • Why are test suites necessary? - After all, manual testing of my program shows good performance.

  • Developing test cases

  • Choosing which things to test and which to leave out

  • An overview of the selected testing framework (whichever one you are discussing)

  • An easy-to-follow practical setup guide

  • The framework's benefits and drawbacks

  • Reference to the official documentation of the framework

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