CSS Abuse

Abdelrahman Ismail on May 06, 2018

It’s all about CSS. All authors here either forgot to use JavaScript or they had disabled it in their browser and can not enable it back again; so ... [Read Full]
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The menu trick is nice, I use something similar on a production website cyberlegu.me/

The menu button (on mobile only) is a label for a checkbox, and the menu is shown via input:checked ~ menu.

I'm often browsing without js on mobile, because it's so much faster, but most website hamburger menus are broken without js. So I thought I'd make it work here, even though it doesn't matter to most people


Wow, these are awesome. Glad to see I'm not the only one who loves CSS.


This post started something that is impossibly hard to recover from. For a few days, I'll stare at random objects for long duration & lose a lot of sleep just thinking about those examples...

After all these years being fascinated with CSS and now having seen all this, I feel amazed, intimidated and ashamed, all at the same time.


I made an illustration of Homer Simpson in CSS a few years ago: radium-v.com/stuff/homer/

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