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Discussion on: How to enable Chrome's Hidden Bottom Toolbar in Android

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Shubham Prakash Author • Edited on

Hi Ben, I had actually already enabled the bottom toolbar before writing this tutorial and took the screenshots.

If you are using Google chrome, the bottom toolbar should not be there as it is an experimental feature and is not enabled by default.

Those who use chrome know this, maybe you are using some other browser.

By the way, thanks for noticing this, I'll replace the image with the correct one 😄


I have updated the images in the post 🎉

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Ben Sinclair

It's there for me in Chrome and in Firefox, and I've never had to change any settings.

Perhaps it's something set by a custom version of Android?

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Shubham Prakash Author

That's awesome 😄 Maybe it is enabled by default because of the custom version of Android you are using but I'm not sure.