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Top "GitHub Student Developer Pack's" Tools[Part-1]

1. Overview

In this post I will share some of the most useful tools we get as a part of "GitHub Student Developer Pack", these are the tools which I have personally used and found them productive, there are many more tools in this pack. In every tools below I have mentioned whether credit card is required or not to get the benefits from the pack.

2. How to get the pack

One can get the pack by visiting this link. College Email Id or Identity Card is required to verify the student status.

3. Heroku

Credit Card is Required 💳

Uses: Cloud hosting

Heroku is the best option for beginners to host websites, I have used it for hosting django, node and react websites. For beginners Heroku is very straightforward and easy to use in comparison to AWS, Azure or GoogleCloud. It provides many Add-ons too.

Benefits from the Pack: One free Hobby Dyno for up to two years. Free Dyno has few limitations like it sleeps whenever not in use and takes some time to wake up and also gives limited 550-1,000 dyno hours per month.
Hobby Dyno doesn't sleep and is ideal for Small side projects and concepts.

4. Educative

Credit Card not Required ✅

Uses: Text based Courses, Interactive Courses, Certificates on Completion

If you are a fast reader or likes to understand topics by reading than educative is the best. It provides up-to-date text courses, with interactive quizzes and code snippets. One can find a large variety of topics and learning paths in educative(ex-> Algorithms, react, python, ML etc...).

Benefits from the Pack: Get 6 free months of 60+ courses covering in-demand topics like Web Development, Python, Java, and Machine Learning. As it gives only 6 months access so avail it only when there are summer holidays or free time, don't waste it.


Credit Card not Required ✅

Uses: Icons, Illustrations, Photos, Music, Designing Tools

ICONS8 provides icons, illustrations and photos and also editor to make custom vectors and illustrations and download them in different sizes.

Benefits from the Pack: 3-month All Access subscription with icons, photos, illustrations, and music.

6. Bootstrap Studio

Credit Card not Required ✅

Uses: Website Designing, Prototyping

Bootstrap Studio allows for making responsive website designs with Drag & Drop using the Bootstrap framework.

Benefits from the Pack: A free license for Bootstrap Studio while you are a student.

7. Canva

Credit Card not Required ✅

Uses: Designing Platform

Canva is the best and most easiest to use designing platform I have used so far. No download required one can access it through any Web Browser in any Operating System. Through Canva one can create "Posters", "T-Shirt designs", "Promotional Videos", "Awesome Looking Presentations", "Logos" and many more ... .

Benefits from the Pack: Free 12 month subscription of Canva's Pro tier. Pro tier provides all the available resources in canva as well as resizing the designs, making transparent backgrounds making custom brand kits and many more... .

8. Conclusion

These tools can be used by both a beginner and also an intermediate developer. Above are only some of the benefits provided by GitHub Student Developer Pack, I will publish more parts in future related to this topic.

[1]: GitHub Student Developer Pack

[2]: Heroku

[3]: Educative

[4]: ICONS8

[5]: Bootstrap Studio

[6]: Canva

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