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GitHub Copilot Introduces Voice Coding: Enhancing Developer Productivity

In the ever-evolving realm of coding assistance, GitHub Copilot continues to make waves. Introduced last year, Copilot employs AI to expedite coding tasks by suggesting code completion. Now, GitHub has unveiled an experimental feature that takes Copilot to the next level: voice coding. By pairing Copilot with natural language recognition, developers can request code snippets and perform tasks using their voice. However, amidst the excitement, concerns have arisen regarding potential copyright infringement and attribution. In this blog post, we'll explore the new voice feature of GitHub Copilot, its implications, and its potential to revolutionize coding workflows.

Voice Coding with GitHub Copilot:

1. The Power of AI in Coding:

GitHub Copilot relies on OpenAI's Codex, an advanced AI model with comprehensive knowledge of code usage. Codex's capabilities in code generation surpass even the impressive GPT-3, enabling Copilot to provide accurate code suggestions and completions.

2. Voice-Powered Coding:

GitHub's annual conference introduced an experimental voice feature that pairs Copilot with natural language recognition. Developers can now use their voice to request code snippets, summarize code sections, navigate to specific lines, and control their IDE.

3. Current Limitations and Expanding Support:

Presently, the voice feature is available exclusively in Visual Studio Code. However, GitHub has plans to expand support for other integrated development environments (IDEs) in the future, providing a broader range of options for developers.

Controversies and Considerations:

1. Legal Concerns:

Microsoft and OpenAI faced a class-action lawsuit, questioning whether Copilot infringes upon developers' rights by potentially scraping their code without proper attribution. The issue of copyleft compliance and potential liability for users remains a topic of debate.

2. Future Development:

While Copilot's voice feature currently assists in completing lines of code, Microsoft envisions its evolution to suggest more substantial code blocks, even entire function bodies. This indicates the potential for a more comprehensive and efficient coding experience.


GitHub Copilot's new voice coding feature demonstrates the continuous push towards innovative coding assistance. By enabling developers to interact with code using natural language, Copilot has the potential to streamline coding workflows and boost productivity. However, the legal concerns surrounding attribution and copyright infringement underline the need for further scrutiny and development. As Copilot progresses, developers can expect an enhanced coding experience and improved suggestions, paving the way for more efficient and creative coding practices.

Please note that GitHub Copilot is currently available for a 60-day trial, with subsequent subscription options priced at $10/month or $100/year. The waitlist for the voice feature is currently open, promising an exciting future for voice-powered coding.

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