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Step by-step guide to start selling on mano mano with cedcommerce

Isaac Norman
・2 min read

Are you a DIY product seller? Amongst the hub of the marketplaces in the continually growing e-commerce world, do you want to reach out to your customers who’re DIY enthusiasts and make their lives easier? We are here to help you! For the DIY dealers, CedCommerce is here to tell you today the steps for selling on ManoMano – one of the most wanted online DIY marketplaces.

In this step by step guide to start selling on ManoMano – with CedCommerce, you can discover the complete process to start selling on ManoMano and feature your products on this online DIY marketplace easily. But, before you start selling on ManoMano, let’s have a closer look at this pioneer online DIY marketplace.

What is ManoMano Marketplace? A Brief Introduction

  • Manomano discovers the most affordable DIY, gardening tools, experts in home improvement and negotiates the prices for their goods.
  • The selected sellers then go through a strict monitoring process to find the most deserving sellers.
  • Mano mano guarantees real-time storage of goods/items Enforces the delivery standard in accordance with the shipping requirements of sellers.

How to start selling on Manomano?

As already mentioned, Manomano follows a thorough screening process to select the best businesses, and it has different setup addresses to contact them for customers across different countries. To get started with selling on Mano Mano:

Go to the following website links as per the country you wish to sell in:
In case of UK, its –

Click on Selling on ManoMano, and you will move to the following page:

  • Click On Start.
  • Now enter the necessary details of your company.
  • Enter your VAT number
  • Enter your Complete business name.
  • Choose the category(es) you wish to sell in.
  • Enter your annual turnover.
  • Fill in your contact information.
  • Enter your name.
  • Provide a complete address.
  • Enter the email address which you wish to associate with - - your Manomano seller account
  • The same goes for the phone number.
  • Enter your website.
  • Submit. After introducing yourself, ManoMano will work on screening Once you are approved, you will receive a confirmation mail on your registered number. Now you can proceed ahead to integrate your stores with ManoMano.

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