Discussion on: We believe in open-source, so why can't everyone code?

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Isaac Lyman

I worry about the optics of "very few people are developers" if it risks making inexperienced or alternate-path devs feel like they're not part of the in-crowd. Correctness aside, I feel that it's more beneficial to start with "everyone can code" and make exceptions as needed, rather than to start with "only a few elite people can code" and vaguely rule out some number of capable people by default.

I'm a big fan of the "normal developer." In an industry as saturated with apps and ideas as the one we're in, not everyone needs to be a NASA-qualified TDD zealot who knows big-O notation and can balance a binary tree. In fact, it seems like the market demands a larger number of copy-and-paste, code-gluing, hack-until-it-works scrappers.

All the same, you're totally right that we shouldn't assume everyone should be a dev. Not everyone enjoys this kind of work.

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Jonathan Irvin Author

Not everyone enjoys this kind of work.

I know, you have to have a sick mind to enjoy debugging javascript. ;)

I'm a big fan of the "normal developer."

Me too. You can move mountains with a team of passionate, average folks, than a handful of rock stars with biased opinions.

This is my philosophy I'm applying to #jellyfin. I'm taking some folks that are new to the game or just feel like they aren't good enough and help them contribute to the project and learn best-practices.

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