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I started to learn web development right from the first year of my college. In my school days , my knowledge of computer science was almost nill. As a JEE aspirant , I always focused on the subjects which can provide me with a good college . In my school , computer was a very underestimated subject. But when I entered my college , I was just astonished to see the programming mania. Words like C,C++, Python , Java ,JavaScript , CodeChef ,HackerRank were just echoing in my ears . At first I thought just to ignore them all . But in first year ,everyone is taught C language in my college irrespective of the branch. I was just forced the step up in the new world of programming.

Seeds of Interest

Although I never wanted to become a Software engineer , but when I started to grasp the concepts of C I just became fond of it. At that moment I was like "*What the hell I was doing till this time in my life ? *" But a big hurdle was that , my classmates who earlier has computer science in their schools were just far superior than me . I thought I can never catch them and at that time that feeling was practical though. First semester was gone and new subjects came . But I just wanted to explore more in this new world .

Web Development: The booster

Then a workshop on web development was organised in my college and fortunately that was free :)) (I'm fond of investing more in food rather than study). I attended that and observed one key point. More students were focusing on competitive programming and I knew my level in that and my branch was also EE which would not allow me to focus blindly in CP.And then came this long lockdown .
I didn't want to waste this time especially after seeing the motivational posts on facebook to utilize time . So ,I started to dive deeper in this world of web development.

Udemy and FreeCodeCamp

As I told I'm not interested in investing money in study (very foolish of me) ,so at first I tried with the free videos of youtube to learn web dev. But my progress was as fast as weak turtle running in mud. I realized this will not work in this way . Then finally I made a decision to enroll in a professional course. I was looking for courses in Udemy and fortunately I enrolled in the course Full Web Development Course: Zero to Mastery and I never regret. What a guide Andrie is !!!!! just awesome . He not only taught in unquestionable way but also provided me with great online free resources . FreeCodeCamp was one of them in which you can learn and most importantly practice by solving problems. I learnt HTML5, CSS3 , JS, React.js and Redux for front-end and Node.js and express.js in backend. I learned PostgreSql in databases. That period , that small learning period of my life is what known as happy learning.

Time to travel

Now I have learnt many concepts of web development. But now also, what I know is a drop, what I don't know is an ocean. And this is the best thing about web development . You never stop learning . Everyday new technologies are coming and you won't be able to keep yourself away from that once you taste this blood of web development. My main motive of writing this is to make the readers realize that programming is something which you can learn from anywhere anytime and in anyway. There is no age barrier for that. With this thanks if you are still reading this , I know you have just read the most boring blog on dev . And that's why , a big round of applause to you from me :))_ Stay happy, stay safe :))

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I'm a Full Stack Web Developer and an undergrad in B Tech with EE in NIT Durgapur


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