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How your work is affected by the quarantine?

iriskatastic profile image Iren Korkishko ・1 min read

Talking about the company I work for, we’re not yet affected by the situation. Mainly because the core industries we are working for are fintech, healthcare and proptech. The first two are quite in demand now.
But several of my friends received notifications that they will fork for their firms just until the July 2020. Their employers will no longer get investments. Well, they worked for air carriers. But there are many other industries such as tourism, HR, etc. which also suffer now. Logistics has a potential but who will start their business from scratch now?
What is your situation? Is your industry suffers from the COVID-19 outbreak?

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saraahmed626 profile image
Sara °°°

I work as a software freelancer, with a group, our work till now is going like we used to, but I guess if it continued this way we might face problems in getting new clients and new projects.
Because you know the clients can be affected hence no financial stability to start new projects.

iriskatastic profile image
Iren Korkishko Author

Thanks! I guess, this is a common tendency for many of those who're still running their work as they used too. Hard to imagine how we'll come back to the normal life after all this nightmare is over.

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Daniel Mayovsky

Our whole office just moved to WFH. Our support team, our management team, our product engineering team. Nobody lost jobs or got laid off, luckily. We use goodworks' software for our management, just as we used before (Jira, Bitbucket). Daily standups on Zoom.

I only reap pros, not cons of the outbreak to be honest. No paying for parking, gas, takeout lunch, and still doing the work I love.

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Iren Korkishko Author

Yes, I guess, I feel like I'm licky to see only pros by now too.