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It's exactly the same thing for me. I had a Windows laptop and it was my first laptop which I started using. It was during my school days where I use a laptop 💻 generally for watching movies, browsing the internet.

Then the mac came.

When my windows laptop became too old, I researched for getting a new laptop for myself to start my development career. It was 2012 and ended up with Macbook Pro. Once I started using it, I can't go back. It's the best suitable for me to do the development. Also, I am a iOS developer, and I need to use the Mac for the job.

P.S. Still I have my first Mac, upgraded it to 16Gigs ram and 1 TB SSD. It still works like a charm. Though I have a work laptop which is latest 15 inch MacBook pro, I can't stop using my first laptop which thaught me coding.

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