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Discussion on: What I am currently doing as a code newbie and possibly you should do too

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Hey Jordan, Your comment gave me a different insight to how I currently look at things so thank you. I have always read these type of tweets on twitter "15 years as a developer and I still don't know what I am doing" from experienced developers and that made me think, may be I can have a job too where I don't know what I am doing but can learn through the process of a full-time/part-time/internship. Being a developer is definitely stressful enough but shouldn't we get out of our comfort zone earlier rather than later or at least try?

2 months is definitely way too short to apply to any jobs I totally agree. But there are people out there who has a full-time job not even relating to programming. Wouldn't it be better to get a job early even if you are uncomfortable so that you don't have to separately manage time to learn programming?

And also no one would hire me with 2 months of experience even I know that but by the time I do I will possibly have 8-12 months of experience and I already know the process of applying. I know earlier on what set of skills companies want, what I can improve as a developer from now on, what particular things I need to focus on other than coding to do better in an organisation and so on. That is the scenario I actually visualised in my head.

All this aside, freelancing might be the most easiest route to start with as a new developer.