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Expired domains

iqbalsh11089892 profile image Iqbal Shah ・1 min read

Climbing on the Searching Engine ladders is tedious work. Especially Google has some set of algorithms for ranking which are not exactly known to anyone but some proven techniques which are working perfectly for decades are applicable. Backlinks are most important factor for ranking on Google. Competition on search engines is increasing day by day. Now a days everyone is focusing on micro niche.
Why am I narrating this story of ranking ranking and ranking on search engines? How is it related to expired domains?

The Answer to the above question is that Expired domains have been important from many years in the ranking process on search engines. Expired domains provide backlinks which assist in ranking process of keywords. But there are good and bad domains. Good domains have these factors:
1) Domain Authority:
Domain Authority should be high.
2) Page Authority:
Page Authority must be high.
3) Spam Score:
Spam score of domain should be less. Check spam score of your domain on
4) Backlinks:
Backlinks should be relevant and not spammy.
6) Google Index:
The domain should not be penalized by google. Google index should be checked be checked.
This expired domain website has all these options. Another very important tool of this site is the vast search options which include:
1) Keyword
2) DA/PA selection
3) Spam score
4) Status (free or premium)
Find high quality domains here and make great site which will rank on Search engine with less efforts.

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