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Creating a chat with Feathers + React

Hi everyone! First post here. It's pretty intimidating ;).

Considering becoming a developer while I have absolutely no education in that domain, I started to work on some projects to have something to showcase.

Actually working as a guitar teacher ( I am not sure that helps on a CV :D ), I am quite new in this "community" even if I start to program some time ago.
Lately, I found the website ( ) made by @nghiemthu and I decided to tackle the "Chat group challenge" to learn feathers with Mongoose, after thinking of using Firestore. I am also more used to Vue, so I decided to go for React ;).

I struggled a little bit to understand the feathers documentation for some parts but I eventually get the project "done".

If you are interested, you can test the project here:

The source code is here :

It is far from perfect but I used those projects to learn new things ;). I usually use Laravel + Vue for my projects with Mysql database.

If you want me to explain some parts, or if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Maybe I'll write another post to discuss the problems encountered by doing this "little" project.

I don't know if I have the requirements to be a junior developer right now, but if you have any advice, I am completely open ;).

Ciao ;)

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