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Automice - Mouse Auto-Mover

Hello everyone!

I created a small app that is intended for anyone still working from home. I am often annoyed by the constant locked screen every time I am going for a coffee or short break and due to company policy, I am unable to change the lock screen timeout.

The app is fairly small and works out of the box. It is made to be portable, so it doesn't require any elevated privileges. The settings are saved in the same folder as the launcher, so you will always have the same input parameters, even if you put it on a USB stick and move it around.
Also, it will always be free for use.

I know, it looks pretty basic, but it does its intended job.

You can customize how far and how often the mouse will move and also the inactivity period for the mouse. Don't worry, it won't interfere with your work, if any mouse movement is detected the app will just reset its inactivity timer.

You can download it from here, it is available for Windows and Linux at the moment. I currently don't a Mac, so I am unable to compile it for macOS.

For any suggestions or problems, you can always open an issue here

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