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How to use the vue component in an angular project

Vue 3.2 introduces a new defineCustomElement method for easily creating native custom elements using Vue component APIs:

import { defineCustomElement } from 'vue'

const MyVueElement = defineCustomElement({
  // normal Vue component options here

// Register the custom element.
// After registration, all `<my-vue-element>` tags
// on the page will be upgraded.
customElements.define('my-vue-element', MyVueElement)
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This API allows develpers to create Vue-powered UI component libraries that can be used with any framework, or no framework at all. We have also added a new section in our docs on consuming and creating Web Components in Vue.

Angular (forked)
Let's do it.
Here in the angular main html template, we add a vue custom component:

<script src=""></script>
<!-- <script src=""></script> -->
  const MyVueWebComp = Vue.defineCustomElement({
    props: ['msg'],
    <div style="border: 3px dashed green; padding: 5px">
      I am my-vue-web-comp.<br>
      Value received via "msg" prop: {{ msg }}<br>
      <input v-model="text"><button @click="addText">Type something and click me</button>
      <div v-for="t in texts">
        Text: {{ t }}
    data() {
      return {
        text: '',
        texts: []
    methods: {
      addText() {
        this.text = '';
  customElements.define('my-vue-web-comp', MyVueWebComp);

<my-app>loading</my-app> // my-app is app.component
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And add CUSTOM_ELEMENTS_SCHEMA on app.module.ts

// app.module.ts
  schemas: [
    CUSTOM_ELEMENTS_SCHEMA // Added for custom elements support
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And that's it, we can use our vue component, inside the angular project

// app.component
<h3>Hello, {{ name }}</h3>

<p>In index.html, a Vue component is defined using Vue and is wrapped into a Web Component using vue-custom-element.<br>

Now, in Angular's template, use it as if it were a native HTML Element (or regular native Web Component).

<my-vue-web-comp [msg]="name"></my-vue-web-comp>
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