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Posted on IP Geolocation API in IP2Location WordPress Plugins is an enhanced IP geolocation API lookup service that provides detailed information about the location of an IP address. Developers and businesses widely use this service for a variety of applications, including fraud detection, content personalization, targeted advertising, and more. It comes with different plans that provide varying levels of granularity for geolocation information. The great thing here is that it has a Free plan that allows you to query up to 30K IP addresses for free each month. Exploring more about the geolocation information supported for each plan, such as country, region, city, zip code, ISP, usage type, proxy data, and more at

We are excited to announce that this incredible feature is now available in IP2Location Country Blocker and IP2Location Redirection. IP2Location Country Blocker is a WordPress plugin that blocks unwanted visitors from accessing the frontend (blog pages) or backend (admin area) by countries or proxy servers. On the other hand, the IP2Location Redirection WordPress plugin redirects visitors to a blog page or a predefined URL based on their country and region geolocated using their IP address. This feature is now available in version 2.28.5 or later for IP2Location Country Blocker and version 1.26.6 or later for IP2Location Redirection.

How to Use IP Geolocation API in IP2Location Plugins

To use the API Web Service in the plugin, you need to change the lookup mode to API Web Service in the plugin settings page. However, you need an API Key to enable this feature. Get started with a free API key.

The screenshot below shows an example of the plugin settings page after configuration.

IP2Location WordPress plugin settings page


In conclusion, the integration of IP Geolocation API in IP2Location WordPress plugins provides a great advantage to users who need to block unwanted visitors and redirect them to a specific page or URL based on their location. This integration is a significant improvement in the functionality of these plugins and is expected to benefit users in their website management and analysis. Most importantly, you do not need to regularly update the geolocation database. Our service takes care of that for you.

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