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Özgür Adem Işıklı
Özgür Adem Işıklı

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Open Mail: Ask the right questions to the right people and make the conversation public

I would like to share my new side project with you; Open Mail ( It is a platform that you can ask people their opinions about some ideas. The special side of it; all conversations can be read by anyone. It will be completely open for everyone. Asking a question in a private communication channel, like an email, is not useful for everyone. On the other hand, asking a question on a social media platform has a different problem; everybody can answer your question. But what about the expertise of the person who answers your question?

I want to solve this problem with Open Mail. You can ask a question to get a high-quality opinion from skilled people, and all the conversations between you will be able to read by everybody.

Alt Text

I continue to develop the Open Mail. But I created an early-access form to give an advantage to people who want to get the simplest or the best username. You can register to get early access with a beautiful username.

Also, I would love to hear your feedback about the idea. Please let me know everything about the product.

Looking forward to reading your answers.

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