A story perseverance about learning Salesforce

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Hello everyone!!!

This is my first post and I am very curiosity how is the feedback .Well firstly I want to do a short introduction about me and after that i want to speck about how was my experience in my preparation for how to pass and for to take the admin exam in salesforce.

So, I am Ionut, I have 24 years old, I am a web developer I like the sports and art and I practiced in the past these. Now I start to learn salesforce which in my opinion this will became a new trend in to the it world. So, after for months in wich I learned hard for pass the exam, I take it.

But the principal idea is not how to take it, is about how to take it and witch is the attitude then you want something. I think after the pass the exam I realized which is the best learning path in to your preparation for to learn salesforce admin.

So in the first month I've gone through trailmix on trailhead and i make a account and i make a playground and in parallel with this I read all documentation from focusonforce and I make the profile in trailblazer community wich is the best community and I want to encourage to do the profil because this community is very cool with very active members and good people ready to help you .

In the second month I entry in deep documentation about all references form the lessons from focusonforce and in the second part of the month i start to try answer the questions.

On the finaly month was the first my schedule exam wich I failed to pass. And that's how we arrived in the third month in wich a try to responded at lot of many questions and in and at the end of the first week I try to take the exam again but I failed.

After this I was very upset and disappointed but with me perseverance I managed to restart a new range of questions, many more and after a period of another 3 weeks I rescheduled the exam.

The third time I felt like I was going to pass the admin exam but I failed it again. After this I discuss with my team and I try to make a new plan, and my new plan was it to try answer a lot a lot many questions. After more questions I rescheduled the exam and I arrived in the forth month in witch I try to pass the exam.

I had a few days until the exam, I was eager to get the exam and the fact that I passed. In the morning of the exam I was very impatient . I start the exam and I notice firstly that I meet question through which I had passed ... Was good I was very happy because i know it the correct answer. This day was beautifull because I succed to pas the exam .

This article is not about exam is about perseverance is about character is about trusting yourself how to make a new plan if the old plan is wrong . In this article I want to noticed that is possible if you really want to do something. I want to encourage and in this way I want to encourage people not to give up. Now in my case, I am much better prepared, probably if I had taken the first one I did not have so much knowledge accumulated. I am very happy because that to happen in this way .

Now I have the certificate with admin salesforce and my next target is developer 1 platform salesforce cerificate. And in this day I to prepare for this. I am very happy to write this article and I hope to be usefull for other people witch have the similar problem.


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