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Shriya Dhar
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How I changed my career from hospital administration to Web development?

If we are growing, we are always going to be outside our comfort zone - John C. Maxwell

I am sharing my journey of transitioning my career from a hospital administration role to web development. I hope & I know that many readers will be able to relate to my post especially, those who left their previous careers to move to tech. Web development is an in-demand skill.
I left my career because I moved to a new country. People can have many other reasons that push them to change their careers. It can be a lack of innovation and creativity in the current profession, fewer challenges, low income etc.

Here are a few challenges I faced and tips to handle each :

1. Law of inertia

Life is no different from the law of physics. When a person has invested so much time and energy into studying one profession, it will be very challenging initially to prepare your mind for another career. This move requires an internal drive to take that decision. Sit and introspect on why in the first place you want to shift career. Once you have made up your mind, start building small projects and gain confidence along the way.

Tip: Have an emotional support system around you. Also, make sure you continue your current job. So, that you don't face any financial hurdles while you transition.

2. Steep learning curve

Web development technology is immensely vast and fast-evolving. New frameworks, new documentation and rules can make any newbie feel intimidated.

Tip: One has to remember that it takes immense time and practice for any profession. No one attains mastery in one day. Take one day at a time. Simultaneously keep increasing your pace and your level of challenges. It's like a video game where you face increasing challenges at every new level. Surely rewards will be worth the effort.

3. Burnout

Burnout is common in any profession more so, when changing a career. You are more likely to avoid rest, stay curious to chase your deadlines or skip meals. Yes, I have done all of that. No doubt that your internal drive will keep you pushing ahead. But it often goes unchecked & you end up weary.

Tip: Take breaks and drink water. Water keeps your mind moving. Keep meals light but never skip. Rest and sleep are essential.

Take that leap and believe in yourself.

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