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Frontend vs Backend vs Full-Stack

Frontend vs Backend vs Full-Stack developer

You don't know the differences between frontend and backend and full-stack developer? The post is perfect for you!


A frontend developer makes visual elements of a website, client etc.
The frontend makes the web stuff that you can see on ex: a website.
Frontend is client-side.


A backend developer focusing on the side for website users.
You can't see the backend.
Backend is server-side.

Full-Stack developer

A full-stack developer has many coding skills from frontend, backend development to graphic design and UI/UX management.

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Dendi Handian • Edited

If you are a fullstack developer, then it means you are a one-man army or the only man in the entire IT department.

techman09 profile image

Could be either. Just means that you know how to do more than just one or two things.

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Andrew Baisden

Full-Stack is where the magic really happens. Having the choice to work on front-end or back-end projects makes this career field really exciting.

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FJones • Edited

I disagree with the common conception of "fullstack". Fullstack is a specific role in and of itself, which highly relates to architecture and interface design. Knowing how to build systems on both -ends that work well together. That makes it its own skill.

Naturally anyone fitting that Fullstack role is also technically able to run both shows on their own (e.g. implementing their own application end-to-end), but in terms of roles, it's a largely distinct skillset.

melvyn_sopacua_afcf30b58a profile image
Melvyn Sopacua

And that's also where the misfit is for recruiting talent. A lot of candidates describing themselves as fullstack are really programmers that only know JavaScript and have applied it in both contexts.

On the flip side, many jobs also look for a role, where a person can help out "where needed" and this reinforces what is really a "dual-stack" role.

I don't think the misconception will go anytime soon. Perhaps those of us, who really are should adopt web architect? 🀷🏽

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i think fullstack doesnt need graphic desing and UI/UX. most fullstack use template for frontend

invalidlenni profile image

Well, but in general. Thanns for the info! ❀️

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