Recognizing impostor syndrome and fixing it before it messes up your coding interview

Parker Phinney on March 20, 2018

“It's a fluke that I got this job interview...” “I studied for weeks, but I’m still not prepared...” “I’m not actually good at this. They’re go... [Read Full]
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Thanks for using the name ‘Aysha.’ It’s nice to see an alternative to yet another Alice or Albert.


Thanks for such a thoughtful write-up! I wish I'd known these things long, long ago (or even remembered them more often). I'm really digging your illustrations - they do a good job putting things into perspective 💯


I struggle with this a LOT. That said, Seth Godin (you know who he is, right? If not, he's an excellent writer!!) wrote a post on it that is one of the best takes on it I've ever seen. definitely worth a read


Thank you for this great write up.

I purchased Interview Cake last year after blowing an otherwise great interview when I discovered just how important big o and algorithms are. I didn't have a clue. Now I do.

Thanks for such a great service. 👍


Thanks so much, this was really great for me! I'm always feeling like I'm not worthy of wanting to work in programming because I don't have a traditional university education but have instead been learning on my own. I feel like people with university background will always be better because I assume they'll know more. But your post has made me feel better about this.



The "academic" side can call still be learned, even without a university background. It's easier than you think!

How are you with data structures and algorithms? We put together this helpful guide that explains things from the ground up:


Thanks for the reply and motivation :). And that looks like a great resource, I will definetely use it when I get a bit more knowledge in programming! Thanks again :)!

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