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Walk through of deploying InterSystems API Manager (IAM) on AWS EC2

In this article, I am trying to walk through my deploying step of IAM on my EC2(ubuntu).

What is IAM?

IAM is InterSystems API Manager

you may reference to the link below to get more idea about IAM

generated description: apimgr description.jpg


Before deploying IAM

Check the license of your API host

Image description

Image description


Enable the User IAM

Image description

Image description


Deploy IAM



Download the image from the following link

I downloaded the following version to my pc

Image description


Upload the image to my EC2

I use the command scp to upload the image to my cloud

Image description


Make sure docker and docker compose are installed

If not, please reference to the following link


Untar the image file

tar zpxvf IAM-

Image description


Load the image into docker

sudo docker load -i iam_image.tar

Image description


Run the

source ./  

Image description

Image description


Edit the file : docker-compose.yml 

In order to let us visit the IAM UI from the environment outside the EC2, replace the localhost by the EC2 public address in the parameter KONG_PORTAL_GUI_HOST and KONG_ADMIN_GUI_URL

vi docker-compose.yml 

Image description


Start the container

sudo docker compose up -d

Image description


Check the IAM UI

You can access the UI of the IAM by the following link


Image description




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