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Unpacking pButtons with Yape - update notes and quick guides

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth? Certainly more than typing a post.

Please check out my "Coding talks" on InterSystems Developers YouTube:

1. Analysing InterSystems IRIS System Performance with Yape. Part 1: Installing Yape


Running Yape in a container.

2. Yape Container SQLite iostat InterSystems

Extracting and plotting pButtons data including timeframes and iostat.

If you need a simple way to capture and review Caché and IRIS and systems performance metrics you can do this quite easily by scheduling pButtons to run every day. I have written about this before.

I regularly need to review customer systems for capacity planning and performance reviews, which is why I wrote Yape and made it available on GitHub. My InterSystems colleague, Fabian, took the internals of Yape in new directions and formalised running it in a container. Fabian has since left InterSystems, but I have carried on the open source development on GitHub. Over the last month or so I have fixed up errors that occurred with some operating system command formats, made date handling smarter, added a "Total CPU" chart to vmstat (looking at "id" upside down was giving me neck strain), and other cosmetic changes.

If you want to contribute to Yape, it is open source on GitHub. If you have requests for features let me know via the suggestions page.

In addition, please check Yape Application on Open Exchange.

In the next few months, I will share some other tips from my workflow and expect to continue development to make the data presented more useful. Yape is great for reviewing and looking at trends of what happened yesterday or over the last week, but you also need monitoring and alerting in real time... I am teasing here for some future posts as well ;)


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